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Miss H at 4 days new – Minneapolis Newborn Portraits

Such a sweetheart! This little one is strong! Miss H came to the studio today at just 4 days old. She loved to have her legs stretched out which in talking to Mrs T, she did throughout her pregnancy as well. I predict an early walker :-)


and with big sister S who just a few months ago graduated from the Watch Me Grow plan. Just a baby herself and so curious about her little sister.



Congratulations again! She’s perfect. Can’t wait to watch her grow over the next year!

**The blog is going to be a little quiet the next few weeks while I’m traveling. I will be checking voicemail and email once a day. **

New product line…

My clients deserve the very best so I’m always on the look out for the finest quality products available in the market. I am very excited to introduce a new line of products to our boutique. Each product is handcrafted by artisans using Japanese bookbinding fabrics and Swiss ribbons. They offer a new level of sophistication in design and presentation.


first up, folios. An alternative to framing, these folios open up to display on your desk or bookshelf and then beautifully fold into a book for safe keeping when not on display.

next, image boxes. Do you want to preserve all of the images from your session but not looking for an album? These image boxes are a beautiful way to safely store your portraits for many, many years.boxes

And finally, the album. This one is off to its new home but I’ll have a sample for you to see as well. It’s hard to even find the words of how gorgeous this album is. It includes a matching presentation box and the craftsmanship is simply amazing.

All of these products are handcrafted using the finest archival materials to be passed down for generations. Can’t wait to show these to you at your sessions!

Brothers – Twin Cities Child Portraits

Check out these two cuties! Boys are so much fun! There was a lot of running, some exploring, a few geese and a lot of goofing around.


It was great seeing you today P, C, and G! Hope you had fun at the park!

Miss S at 6 months – Twin Cities Baby Photography

This little one is on the watch me grow plan and oh, how adorable! When I got there, J told me Miss S took a VERY short nap (as a parent I know that always happens when you really want them to sleep!) but she was a little champ.

How cute is it that she crossed her feet, such a lady.

And she loved her feet. It’s one of those things too that most babies really only do right around 6-9 months, then just stop so I love capturing it.

And a few in her crib, she has the most gorgeous nursery. Peek a boo

and at the end, we got outside. Such a beautiful family

It was great seeing you again J, R and S! Can’t wait to see her at a year!

On another note…Spring seems to be on everyone’s mind this week! May and June are booking up very fast so if you have your heart set on a Spring session or you’re on the Watch Me Grow plan and have a session coming up….call now! I have 2 slots left for May and only a handful in June. Hope everyone is loving this weather!!

Beautiful girl – Twin Cities Newborn Portraits

Miss S at just 7 days old, as beautiful as they come. Her parents, equally beautiful inside and out and with incredible grace. Every child is a miracle.




It was wonderful meeting you G family! Thank you for trusting me with your daughter’s first portraits and it was wonderful chatting with you today. Many more to come!

Award for the best hair – Minneapolis Baby Portraits

This little guy has the best hair for a 6 month old…LOVE it! And he is a moose! I thought James was a moose but Little V (or should we say Big V) has put on quite a few pounds since I did his newborn portraits.


He’s a very lucky boy to have such adoring parents, but something tells me he’s got that figured out already

Great seeing you again! Can’t wait to see him running around at a year!