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Sweet S at 9 days – Twin Cities Newborn Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting the S family today. Miss S was such a little sweetheart. She had the prettiest hair and delicate lashes.


so tiny…

love this one…

Mrs S and I were chatting about how they change daily during this time. It really is amazing. E and J – Thanks for the honor of capturing this fleeting time for your little girl! It was great meeting you!

Daddy’s Arms

There is something magical about a tiny little newborn with their daddy. The size difference, their protective nature. Whenever I’m taking these, you can almost always look at the mom and watch her fall in love with her husband all over again. Yep, something magical. I’m just finishing up this little guys gallery and just had to share these. Love them.


Canvas Collages

So I hinted on my last post that my Valentines gift came in a big old box from my very favorite canvas vendor. This is a new concept in canvases that the minute I saw the idea, I loved it for certain types of sessions. I knew with my kids fall session that I wanted to do canvas but hadn’t put together a layout yet. Well, a canvas collage was just perfect. This is a 34×40 and is over the couch in our family room. The pictures don’t really do it justice (I’m so not a product photographer) but it is GORGEOUS in person.

I also had a 16×24 canvas made of one of James newborn portraits printed for the adjacent wall. I pretty much went from having James in July and a month later hitting crazy busy season so I’m looking forward to getting all of his albums and wall prints squared away in the next few weeks.

So really, who needs jewelry when you can have canvas??? If you’d like to have one designed from your fall session or a future session, just drop my a line.

Little M – Minneapolis Newborn Photography

I say this all the time, but every newborn is so different. Each one likes different poses and I can typically tell after the first 20 minutes or so which ones they’ll like. This little guy did one of my favorites beautifully….back wrinkles. Love them.


Oh, I could just eat him up…including his spiky hair.

I can’t wait to watch him grow over the next year!!

On a side note – I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day! We had a much needed date night while Grandma and Grandpa took the kids. The 2 older ones even got to stay over night which is almost as good as Disney in their eyes. I also got my Valentine’s Day present which came in a very, very large box from my canvas vendor :) I’ll take a few pictures soon!

Miss I – Twin Cities Newborn Photography

Miss I, what can I say. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her hair and those sweet expressions. She was so sweet and unbelievably good for almost 4 weeks old. She is still pretty little…just 8lbs.

And I always love incorporating special pieces in client’s homes into the session.

It was great meeting your today K and N! She is a doll!

Miss O at 8 days – Newborn Photography

Meet Miss O. LOVE her. She was the perfect model. This little one did it all. Her beautiful momma is a few posts down.


and a sweet smile…

Great seeing you again L! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!