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Happy Thanksgiving!

Whew! I may actually be catching up! Holiday season is always crazy, this year was no exception. Add a new baby on top of that and you have one very sleep deprived woman. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. It has been so fun catching up with people and seeing how big all the kids are getting and meeting some new little ones as well. Thank you so much to all of my wonderful clients and friends for sharing your children with me.

Few reminders – The deadline for holiday sessions was Nov 15th. I am scheduling sessions in December but holiday deliver is not guaranteed. Dec/Jan is almost full. Lots and lots of newborns on the schedule, I can’t wait!

For those of you that have recently ordered or will be ordering soon, plan on the standard 2-3 weeks for delivery of your cards/prints. Canvas and albums take 4-6 weeks.

We will be traveling for Thanksgiving and enjoying some family time and warm weather. The laptop is coming a long so I’ll be checking in at least once a day to respond to emails and finish up cards and album designs.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I know I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Beautiful Baby, Beautiful Family – Minnetonka Baby Photography

I first met this little sweetheart when she was about a month old. She was a superstar then and she certainly didn’t disappoint for her 6 month session. Between her Grandma and her daddy’s singing, she was smiling ear to ear. They are a beautiful family inside and out and an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks J family for entrusting me with her first year.

Told you she was sweet…

the beautiful family

and one more because it just makes me smile

Thanks again J family! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Cute x2 – Eden Prairie Baby Photographer

Remember these two sweet sisters?

Well, now they are 6 months and sweet as can be…

seriously, can they be any cuter?

It was great seeing you again! Can’t wait to see them at 1 year!!

Miss Smiles – Maple Grove Newborn Photographer

I always feel lucky when I catch newborns smiling. Well, Miss W was all smiles. I think I have one of her smiling in almost every pose….adorable!


and one day, they’ll be able to look back at this picture and be amazed at how tiny she once was.

It was great meeting you! I’m so excited to watch W grow over the next year!

Rock Star – 6 month old G

This little guy could have had his picture taken all day. Towards the end of the session, I didn’t even have to say anything to get his attention. I just looked at him and he’d flash the sweetest smile. He was totally working the camera. We had a great day for our session and while there aren’t a lot of leaves left on the trees, it was warmer than most of October.

I kept calling him a little rockstar..that made him laugh. Well, just about anything made him laugh.



and yep…more smiles

It was great seeing you again B and M! He’s adorable!

Nugget – Eden Prairie Newborn Photographer

Little V, affectionately known as “nugget”. Webster defines it as “anything of great value, significance”. The first grandchild on both sides, he is just perfect in so many ways. He gave us a bit of a run…but with a bit of patience, he finally gave in and I was one happy photographer. I’ve been going through a bit of newborn withdrawal so today was wonderful. I normally will do everything I can to fit in newborns because they just hold a special place in my heart, but October filled up so fast that I had to turn many away. As fall season is coming to a close, there are a bunch of newbies on the calendar so stay tuned!

How can you resist hand dimples and gorgeous spiky hair
and this little hat was theirs, they bought it in Peru on their last trip before V entered their world. I have no doubt this little guy will be getting his passport soon.

It was great meeting you today M family. Enjoy that little guy…oh, and the blanket is just fine!