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The J Family – Minneapolis Family Portraits

I love evening sessions. We ended up rescheduling due to this crazy weather this fall and tonight was the night. The light is so beautiful in the evening…and this time of year, evening actually works for little ones. It was so fun seeing the J family again. A year ago I did little Q’s newborn photos so I was so excited when they called to do another session this fall. It’s always fun to catch up and see how much they’ve grown.

Little Q – loved his expression in this one

Miss L – this was one of those images that you can almost see what she may look like 5 years from now.

And Mrs J had one main goal of the session. She wanted those fun interactive shots but also really wanted one of everyone looking at the camera. She doesn’t have a single one, not even a snapshot. Of course, at ages 1 and 3, kids can be a bit unpredictable. But hopefully, this is what she had in mind…

Great to see you J family! Hope you enjoy you sneak peek!

My babies

I promised myself this year I would do a “real” session with my own kids. Last year, I had great intentions but got so busy with client work that I finally got them out there in December for about 15 minutes for a few pics for the cards. So this year, I booked a session for my own kids. It worked really well since they were excited for it to be their turn. The promise of a trip to Dairy Queen afterwards helped a bit too.

Everything just feel into place. The outfits, the location, the day…it just seemed easy this year. The location was actually a mistake. On my way to another location I got turned around and drove down a different way. Then I saw this little path and some beautiful fall color and stopped immediately knowing it was the perfect spot for what I was envisioning.

I’m so proud of them. I’m proud of the little people they are becoming, how good they are to each other. The other day when I was leaving Costco with James in the front and the other two kids hanging off the side of the cart, an older man said to me “enjoy them, they grow up so fast”. I hear that all the time but there was something about this time that hit me. There was a sadness in his eyes and sincerity in his voice. I thought about it and I honestly can say that I am. I love where each of them is right now. I’m not looking ahead or behind. Sure there are days where I’d give anything for one hour of complete silence or a full nights sleep, but that time will come sooner than I’m prepared for I’m sure.

So this is going to be a ton of pictures. I had trouble narrowing them down and have many others I haven’t had a chance to even edit yet. Thanks for letting me share!

Sometimes I still can’t believe we have 3 now…

My big girl at 4 and a half. Still very sweet. She takes her job as big sister so seriously.

Ben will be 3 in November. He’s a total ham. That look in the second picture…we see that one a lot. LOL

and baby James just a few days shy of 3 months. Still gaining weight like crazy, still a super easy smiley baby. That’s a 6-12 month outfit on him! (thanks again A!)

and a few more I loved…

Double Trouble – Minneapolis Twin Photographer

You’ve seen these two little pumpkins before. They are getting big! Not walking yet but crawling all over.

This series made me smile…little buddies

and a few individuals

Great to see you again J family!

The S Family – Twin Cities Family Photographer

It was a busy weekend…but finally the weather cooperated and we had a few beautiful fall days! You’ve seen these cuties on the blog before. This was Little M’s one year session from the Watch Me Grow plan. We always do family pictures too and well, we can’t leave out big sis either. I have to say that I’m so impressed with everyone’s outfit choices this fall.

M…happy birthday little guy!

Miss M…total goof

and the whole family…

Great to see you S family! I’ll be in touch!

The B family – Minneapolis Family Portraits

This was my second time photographing the B family. The first was when Miss C was just 8 months old. Well, now she’s almost 2 and is on the run!! I adore her little personality, so sweet with a little spunk.


and she also is a big sister! Baby C is just 2 1/2 months. We got some smiles too but I saw this one and loved it. It’s a look I see in my own little guy all the time. Completely content.

and one of the family. It was the most beautiful night. I love evening light.

It was great seeing you again B family!

Miss L at 6 months – Twin Cities Baby Photography

Get ready to go awwwww. I love 6 month sessions. I love seeing how much they’ve grown since their newborn session. No matter how many baby sessions I do, I still feel almost overwhelmed when I see just how much they change in those 6 months. Well, just take a look at the beautiful Miss L….

as a newborn

and now…

in the nursery with dad…

and I was so excited when I saw this one. Miss L was getting a little sleepy at this point but you’d never know by that smile

Great to see you again L family!