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12 day old N – Minneapolis Newborn and Baby Photography

Another sweet newborn came a little ahead of schedule. Baby N was born at 36 weeks and is ADORABLE! I’ve had the honor to capture his twin brother and sister who are turning one in September (yep, this will be one busy family with 3 babies) and it was so fun to meet their newest addition. As an added bonus, Grandma and Grandpa H were visiting and I finally got to meet them in person. I always knew how much they adored these little babies through our correspondence after our past sessions but in person, they were BEAMING with pride.

We did a few shots using the same blanket and hat to match a canvas they picked from their twin’s newborn session.

and I just love this one. Baby N was more comfy with his feet up by his face then tucked underneath him so we went with it. Love those little toes!

Congratulations again!

9 day old Miss E – Twin Cities Newborn Photographer

I’m back..well, not quite yet but a few precious newborns came a bit early and you know how I like to get them itty bitty. This little sweetheart was just 6lbs 14oz when she was born and just a doll. She’s also one of the newest members of the watch me grow plan and I’m so excited to see how much she changes over the next year!

a new favorite…

is there anything better than a newborn’s lashes and little lips?

and one outdoors

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek S family! J, it was a joy talking with you today!

Day 11 – the last day

I finished up the last of the pictures today. Just in time, this little guy does NOT want to curl anymore. He likes his legs straight out. With a lot of patience, he gave in for a few minutes and I was a happy mom.


and I’ve tried to get him to do this pose every time with no luck. I guess he knew this was the last time and finally decided to humor me :-)


The blog will get a little more quiet now but I’ll try to post a few updates through August. I’ll be back from maternity leave in September and I start out with 3 newborns and I can’t wait!

Day 10

basket day