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Day 9

Finally a nice day so we got outside for a few. He wasn’t real excited about sleeping today, not great for pictures but I’m hoping this means he’s starting to switch his days and nights back around. Here’s hoping for a decent night sleep tonight!



Day 8

The kids were so excited to do pictures today. At ages 2 and 4, ya just never know but after watching me take pictures of their little brother the last few days, they were very happy to jump in and join the fun. I know some relatives are waiting to see this set so here are a few favorites!



Big sister…

And a very proud big brother…

Day 7

Sometimes I can’t believe it’s been a week already, and then other times I can’t remember life without him. I’m hoping to get him outside soon if it would warm up a bit! Tomorrows project is getting all three kids together which should be interesting…wish me luck!


Day 4

I’m realizing my one or two photos a day might be just about right. I did manage to do a very quick “session” with James this afternoon between some very nice visitors (all bringing food, gotta love that!) Here is our little guy at 4 days.


6 lbs 11 oz

He’s here! Baby James was born on Wednesday morning and he’s doing wonderfully! He’s a little guy at just 6 lbs 11 oz but I think he was determined to be just like his big sister and brother. We always thought it was funny that they were both 6lbs 11oz but when the nurse announced James weight, we all were in shock. What are the chances of having all three kids the exact same weight?? He’s fitting right in already.

Big sister and brother have completely fallen for him. They may love him just a little too much! This picture was taken by my dad at about 5 hours old, within minutes of all three meeting for the first time.


Since I know doing a full session with him may be a little tiring this week, I’m committing myself to doing a taking and editing a picture of day for the first few weeks so stay tuned!! Thanks again for all the well wishes!!

Still waiting…

Thank you SOOO much for all the emails and well wishes! No baby yet but he can’t stay in there forever though, right? I forgot how long these last days go…the contractions that end up being nothing, the “is today the day?” feeling. But the one bonus is extra family time. We went to the MN zoo today and they had free facepainting for the kids, how cute of an idea is that! So when we got home, I couldn’t help but take a few pictures. My little leopards…(they didn’ have fun with this or anything!)


Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!