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A little sweetheart – Miss P

Check out the latest little 1 year old cutie! Miss P is on the Watch Me Grow plan but came in a little later at 6 months so this was our second session. Isn’t she just a doll! This was at the very beginning of the session…

and the very end…all worn out.

It was great seeing you again G family!

Products – Gallery Standout Mounts

I snapped a few pictures of the L families wall gallery from their 6 month session when I there last week. The pictures don’t really do them justice. These were all done with 3/4 inch black beveled standout mounts, they are a beautiful product and a fun alternative to canvas. They come ready to hang in your choice of a white or black edge.

I just love the layout of this wall gallery too. A lot of people think you need a huge wall to do a wall gallery, not so. They had a 4 ft wide wall in their hallway that was the perfect spot so we put this together for a personal touch and punch of color. This is a 20×24, 16×20, 11×14 and 2-8×10s.


Double the cuteness – St Paul Baby Photographer

I knew these two were going to put me over the edge with this baby fever. They are just so cute! You might remember them from this image when they were 6 weeks old.


Today we did our second session and they are nine months already! Time flies so fast! They aren’t quite sitting yet since they were born a few months early but the minute I took this image, I knew it would be one of my new favorites.

and A and E’s parents are just the sweetest people and soon will also be the worlds busiest. Not only do they have these two little miracles but they are expecting another little one in the fall! Seriously, how fun would it be to have not one but 2 siblings to grow up with so close in age.


and another favorite…they are such dolls.


Thanks again J family!! Can’t wait to see how much they’ve changed by our next session! You truely are blessed.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!!

It’s hit me…I’m nesting – Twin Cities Newborn Photographer

I’m officially 2 months from my due date and with a 2 and 4 year old, it seems like I rarely have time to just sit and “think” about the baby. He’s pretty active (especially at 2 am) so he makes sure he’s on my mind a lot but I remember just daydreaming for hours about my first and even second. I’ve noticed a change in the last few weeks though. Suddenly, the Spring cleaning list needs to be done…now. And I always LOVE photographing babies but lately, they’ve hit me a little deeper. It probably doesn’t help that I get to photograph the most adorable babies ever and I’m pretty sure the 9 month old twins I have coming up will officially put me over the edge. Well, I actually went to Target by myself tonight (a rare occurrence) and I bought newborn diapers. Do I need diapers yet? Nope. I just wanted them. Yep, it’s kicked in…I’m nesting.

The fact that I’m finishing up editing this little guy is NOT HELPING!!!

So cute!

Happy Birthday Little Miss A

I can’t believe it’s been a year since Little Miss A came into this world and I met her wonderful parents. I remember it like it was yesterday, she was just a week old, the L family was closing on their new home that day, no furniture yet and some amazingly calm first time parents given all that was going on. Over the course of the year, this little cutie has been featured quite a bit and it’s so fun to be able to share some of her year pictures now. They change so much in that first year it’s amazing.

One of her as a newborn…

and now…

from not even being able to lift her head to learning to walk with her gorgeous mom

and I adore family pictures like this just playing together.

and this was one of the last shots from the session…she was done.

It was great seeing you again L family and I’m so glad we had such a beautiful day for the session. Hope A is feeling better soon!

11 day old G – Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

This was such a fun session. I just started looking at them and I’m already having trouble picking favorites…there are just too many! Not only did I walk in and see this adorable little guy but his parents were also up for anything which is always music to my ears. Little G was such a trooper, he slept through all of it even this series…


and if you were wondering where he got all that gorgeous hair…one with daddy. Don’t you just love how he’s holding his finger?

and at the very end, we took advantage of the nice day. It’s so great to get outside again and Spring grass is such a beautiful shade of green.

It was so great meeting you today and I can’t wait to see Little G grow over the next year! I so wanted to take him home with me but somehow I didn’t think that would fly. He clearly will be very loved right where he is.