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Sweet L (continued) – Minneapolis Baby Photography

As promised…the rest of the sneak peek for sweet little L. I love it when you get those little back wrinkles and my newborn hat addiction continues.


and I just love this one. All snuggled with mom.

Thanks again!


I’m back! Just a quick few from the weekend. I have lots to catch up on so if you sent me an email, I’ll get back to you today.

These girls are sisters and were so great to work with. I loved the way they put their outfits together. If you’re looking for ideas for older kids…file this one away!



A very quick sneak peek

This little one arrived a little earlier than expected and we were able to get her session in this morning before I head to the airport. I only had time to grab one for now but more to come when I get back. Sweet L was just a dream…she was one of the easiest newborns I’ve ever photographed. Mom left the room for this one so I promised I’d post it on the blog…isn’t she adorable!


It was so fun meeting you today and I can’t wait to go through the rest! Looking forward to watching her grow over the next year!

Out of Office

Just a note that I’ll be out of town this weekend and will return emails and calls Tuesday, March 31st. I’m heading to Austin, TX for a workshop and I can’t wait to be inspired, spend a weekend talking photography, and bring some new ideas home to my clients! I’ll share some images when I get back!

For those newborn clients, please email and I’ll get back to you in the evening to get you scheduled.

And because what fun is a post without a picture…here’s one more of the S family that just made me smile…what fun to be 3!


Miss S at 6 weeks

This little sweetheart just stole my heart the minute I walked in. Born at 10 pounds, she was just a little chunk and so adorable.


At 6 weeks, most little ones don’t always buy into the whole…put me down, naked, pose me…oh, and you want me to stay asleep through all that? Well, her parents really hung in there and towards the end I asked her to just give me 15 minutes of sleepiness and what do you know, she did just that. I’m sure you’ll agree, it was all worth it. Just look at that sweet face!


It was great meeting you T family and I’m so excited to watch Miss S grow up over the next year! Something tells me she’s going to have a lot of personality (in a wonderful way!)

The S Family – Twin Cities Baby Photographer

I first met the S family for M’s newborn pictures just 7 months ago. I can’t believe how much little M has changed! It’s so fun to catch up with families and see how everything is going, whether it’s a first, second or third. Little M is now the cutest blue eyed little guy.


And his 3 yr old big sister. During our first session, it took her a bit to warm up but once she did her face just lit up and they are still some of my favorites images. Well, this time around no warm up was required. She was just bursting with smiles as soon as I walked in the door and couldn’t wait to get started.


And big sister showing her little brother the ropes. I’m so curious what she was saying, she was kind of whispering to him and he was listening intently.


It was great seeing you again S family!