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4 day old A – Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

So little at just 4 days old! This little cutie wasn’t real happy about being naked but with just a little bit of patience, we got some adorable shots. People ask me whether I ever get tired of newborns and honestly I get excited for each one. Each is so different, not just how they look but even their little personalities. It’s fascinating to me. Pair that with getting to visit with new parents and sharing a piece of those magical first days of a little one’s life…well, it’s just an honor. Okay, enough of me rambling…

meet 6lb Miss A caught in a big yawn…

and fast asleep, so sweet…

M & N – it was so great meeting your little girl. Thanks for letting me be part of your first few days!

Little E at 7 months

Okay, get ready to say awwwww. I just had to post this little guys close ups, just wait till you see his eyes and lashes. He’s already breaking hearts, I’m sure of it. You can check out his newborn post here.

did I mention his lashes? Why is it always those little boys that have all the luck.

and here’s where the awwww comes in.



okay, all together now…



and a few with mom and dad too. I love these types of images, you can just feel the love

It was great seeing you again!

7 day old Miss E

I walked in the door and saw this adorable little girl and instantly melted. That hair and those lashes, just a doll! This was just a fun session, Mrs S was so much fun to chat with and they both were clearly head over heels for this little bundle. I’m so honored you choose me to capture this special time.

a cozy little smile…

adorable lashes…

the cutest little pout…

and completely sacked out…she was such a good sleeper

It was so fun meeting you! Lots more to come!


Today we headed to one of my favorite indoor locations for a quick session with these two brothers. Aren’t they just so handsome?

Big brother A is a mirror image of his dad. He looks so grown up at only 6, well 6 and 11/12ths.

And C, age 3…looks just like his mom with those blue eyes. His expression is so precious.

goofing around

and one of my favorites. I love those sweet moments between siblings inbetween the wrestling matches