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Can you handle another adorable 6 month old?

I walked into his nursery and fell in love with the light and all that color. Add to that little C being just as handsome as can be…a perfect combination! I’ve had a lot of 6 month olds lately and it’s so fun because each one is so different. I adored all C’s different expressions.



It was great meeting you! Have a great weekend

Too Cute – Sweet A at 8 months

This little sweetie has been featured on the blog and website quite a few times. Some of her images are among my absolute favorites. It’s always so fun to visit her because her parents are always up for whatever crazy ideas I have and are just wonderful to work with all around. The one thing I love about my job is that it’s so personal, many times sessions feel more like visiting friends than going to work. At her 5 1/2 month session, she wasn’t quite sitting yet so I came back today so we could capture that big milestone for her book. Here’s a quick sneak peek L family…I couldn’t help but grab a few while I was downloading!


and I seem to be posting a lot of babies and dogs lately but I’m a dog lover myself and I love seeing them interact and their relationship change as the babies get bigger. The L family has 2 great danes and I’m always amazed by their size. This is actually the smaller of the two dogs, but I love the size difference between her and little A.


It was great seeing you again L family! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Mr Smiles – 7 months. Twin Cities Baby Photographer

Get ready to say awwww….little T is just adorable. You can check out his newborn pictures here. I can’t believe how little he was and how much he has changed. He was all smiles and well, just look at those blues.


and how cute is this. I really could take him home with me

Talk to you soon K!

The Zoo

I’ve completely given up keeping up both a family blog and a business blog so I’m combining them into one. Sooo…not that I believe my life is extremely exciting but with family spread out all over the country, you’ll see a few more personal posts. And many of my clients have told me it’s fun to see some personal photos as well so I’ll try to share more often.

Last weekend, we hit one of the kids favorites…the MN zoo. We’re regulars there during the winter months but I normally leave my camera at home. Here are a few from our day.

On a side note – a friend of mine told me about the woman who designed my daughter’s outfit. I LOVE her stuff for little girls, so adorable and well made. You can tell she’s a mom too because the jeans have an elastic band so they actually stay up and are comfy. I ended up buying 2 outfits. This is the Pink Jungle swing top and jeans and I also have the Flower Power swing top and leggings. Check her out here…Pixy World!

Stay tuned for the cutest little 7 month old!

Little S, just 5 lbs

Little S came a month early but luckily only spent a few days in the special care nursery before coming home. She’s 11 days old and just over 5 lbs. Just a peanut and so cute. There is no doubt in my mind this little girl will be showered with love and attention.


and with the first baby of the family

with her gorgeous mom.

Right after this, poor mom AND dad ended up getting a shirt full but were very good sports. As past clients know, I bring lots of extra blankets because well, naked baby shots can get a little messy. Little S saved it all up for the end…just in time for family portraits but it’s all worth it in the end.

It was wonderful meeting you! I’ll be in touch with your gallery.

Some news of our own – *Newborn Special*

I blame all of you…all those adorable babies I have the honor to meet and photograph. I am extremely excited to announce that we are expecting our 3rd child and looking forward to July when this little one makes it’s appearance! Which brings me to two items –

1 – Now I know I don’t normally do specials but this is a unique situation so to celebrate, we’re having a NEWBORN SPECIAL! If you have a newborn due between now and April 1st, you’ll get $50 off your session fee. If you are signing up for the Belly and Baby or Watch Me Grow plan, you get $50 off the plan. Newborns must be under 3 weeks old at time of session, 5-10 days old is ideal.

The Fine Print: Sessions are limited so to guarantee availability, call before your due date to reserve your spot. All sessions must be booked (but can take place after if your little one comes late) by April 1st. Referral credits still apply. Newborns already booked during this time period won’t miss out, you’ll get a $50 print credit.

2 – I will not be shooting sessions in July and August. I can’t stay away too long so I will be doing limited sessions in September. More details to follow.

Happy New Years!