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A Colorado Christmas

We just returned from Colorado where we celebrated Christmas with my husbands side of the family. It was a great trip full of good food and lots of hugs and laughter. Six of the eight siblings + families were able to make it so yes, it’s not a quiet holiday but wonderfully chaotic. For part of the trip, we rented a 7 bedroom cabin in Winter Park so most had the opportunity to do a little skiing and take in some of the beautiful views. We stuck a little closer to the cabin with the kids being so little but we didn’t miss out on fun.

playing with grandma…

some outdoor fun…

and this is what we woke up to this morning…absolute heaven

Thanks again T for hosting! It was so wonderful seeing everyone again. Hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday!

Happy Holidays – out of office

Happy Holidays!! Katie Welsh Photography will be closed December 23rd – Dec 29th. Emails and calls will be returned on December 30th. I will be checking voicemail daily so if anything is urgent or if you need to schedule a newborn, leave a message and I will get back to you beforehand.

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday!

The last newborn of 2008 – Minnesota Newborn Photographer

It’s no secret that I adore newborns.  I love everything about them, how innocent and helpless they are, how you can curl them up in the cutest positions, and mostly how fun it is to talk to new parents about pregnancies, births, and sleepless nights.  It’s such an exciting time, even when it’s your 2nd or 3rd.

Today, I had my last newborn for 2008.  She truely is a Christmas miracle and is very loved.  Her parents waited a long time for her and the wait was well worth it.  She’s just a doll.  A strong little one, but seriously, how could you not melt looking at this face…



with the bear from grandma…

and in honor of Christmas, who can resist a cute little bum.

It was great meeting you and thanks for sharing little F’s first week with me! Hope you have a wonderful first Christmas together!

Too many holiday parties…

he has never done this…or at least not for over a year. I came into the room and he was sacked out in the middle of the family room floor. He had way too much fun this weekend, don’t you just love the holidays?

My little ones

It’s been a while since I shared my own kids (which a few relatives gently reminded me) but I finally got around to taking my own pictures for my Christmas cards this weekend. It was pretty chilly this weekend but I promise we were only out for about 5 minutes at a time and if you saw their coats (red and purple) well, they don’t match AT ALL! The kids actually had a blast, it was more the parents that were the wimps. These are just so them, they truely are best buds and that’s what I hoped to capture…while it lasts :-)

For all those waiting for orders, they are all out as of today!! It feels great to wrap everything up and know it will all get to you in plenty of time for those special holiday gatherings. I am now 100% in the holiday spirit…this year has been so fun as the kids have gotten a little older (2 and almost 4) and are starting to “get” Christmas this year. I’m sure those who have older kids understand…that first year when the Christmas magic really hits them, not just you. Everything has been exciting for them, decorating, cookies, parties, watching Rudolph for the 5th time still DVRed from last year.

So while I know this won’t be my last post before Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season!!

Patience – 6 month old T

I had so much fun coming back to do little T’s 6 month portraits. Such a handsome little guy. In honor of being so close to Christmas, we did a few fun shots with a little Santa hat. I call this one “Patience”. Lilly (the dog) sat there so patiently while little T held a treat for her. I photograph a lot of families with dogs, but rarely one like this. You can tell these two are going to grow up and be best buds.

I am typically drawn to clean contemporary images but every once in a while, an image from a session will just jump out at me and beg to go in another direction. This was one of those. Can’t decide which I like better, what do you think?

Hope you have a wonderful first Christmas together!