Monthly Archives: November 2008

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It’s here!

So for those photographers out there…this has been long awaited. First they teased us for over a year with the idea of a new 5D…then it seemed like forever until they officially announced it…then after pre-ordering it within hours of its release back in September, it is finally in my little hands. Batteries are charging, can’t wait to play!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Moving inside…beautiful sisters

This was my very last session before holiday cutoff. It has been a busy and amazing holiday season and I am so thankful for my wonderful clients. It was so fun visiting with returning clients and meeting some new families too…am I lucky or what! I love my job.

This was my first time meeting these adorable sisters. It was pretty chilly last weekend so we stayed indoors most of the session.

4 yr old E had so much personality. I bet I have at least 20 different “looks”. This was one of my favorites

and 1 yr old T. So sweet. This little one had the most amazing eye contact for her age.

and they are so cute together, such good friends already

It was great meeting you and I’ll be in touch with your gallery!

A not so sneaky, sneak peek. The R family

Check your email Mrs R…your gallery is in your inbox. I normally try to do sneak peeks as a preview, well since the blog has been a little neglected, this is more like a feature. This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this family of 3 young kids…you’ll see all of them featured on my website, they are just too cute. Mom R has a set of frames that get updated each time so I put a few ideas together of some of my favorites.

The traditional…

and this one is all about personality and eyes…two of my favorite things

Thanks again!

4 month old T

I can’t believe when I took this picture just under 2 weeks ago, it was 70 degrees and they are predicting snow tomorrow! That’s Minnesota weather for you. The good news is I’m catching up! So blog postings should be a little more regular again.

I did T’s newborn pictures this summer so we did a quick mini shoot for an updated shot for the Christmas card since he’s not a newborn anymore but not at that 6 month mark yet. I’m constantly amazed at how fast little ones grow and change during that first year. Is he not the most adorable little guy? And lucky him, he got the families beautiful blues. T is the youngest of 4 blue eyed beauties (that I happen to be very fond of)

For those waiting for sneak peeks

…they are coming soon! As you know, Fall = crazy busy so I’m getting to galleries and orders first and the blog is a bit neglected! Thanks for your patience!

A little beauty – Miss S

Meet another sweet 6 month old. Such a cute age. It is so fun to see how much these little ones have changed over the last months. This little gal is part of the Watch Me Grow club and is just adorable. I walked in the door and she gave me the biggest smile. Look at all that gorgeous hair!!

and we did a similar picture of her as a newborn and it was one of her parent’s favorites. She’s in that great stage where she loves eating her feet. It’s capturing these little moments that makes me absolutely love what I do.

Thanks M family! Can’t wait to see how much she’s changed at a year!