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Family of three

I am so lucky, I get to photography some of the most beautiful children and these three are no exception. Their mom and I go way back but sadly they live out of town now so I was so excited and honored they asked me to photograph their children. Plus, as an added bonus, it gave us a chance to catch up!

So let me introduce the L family! For some reason I always go oldest to youngest so…

Mr M – he reminds me so much of his dad

The the goofball, Mr C.

and little G at just two and a half. Just a doll…

and with her beautiful mom

and one more because I know Mrs L is excited to see it. I love family pictures like this, it captures how fun and happy this family is. And, yes there are two kids completely off the ground!

Thanks so much for the wonderful day and sharing your beautiful children with me!

Happy Birthday W! *sneak peek*

How is this for timeliness on Mrs P’s part….most people plan for around their kid’s birthdays +/- a month or two. This little guy’s session was on his 2nd birthday! So in honor of your b-day buddy, here’s your sneak peek!

Because you know I love those eyes!

and there was something about his expression and his stance in this one that made me go “awe”

don’t you just love how toddlers walk?

and one of the family as well!

It was great meeting you! Hope you have a great 2nd birthday W!!

I’ve been tagged!

You’re probably saying “what?”. Well, photographers sometimes will start a game of tag on each others blogs. I was tagged by two very talented photographers, Melanie Reyes and Luz Platzer . Check them out!

The rules are posted below along with my response.


1. Link the person who tagged you

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them & leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

6 things you may not know about me ….

1) I’m a huge planner. I have spreadsheets for everything and most of our vacations are planned at least a year in advance.
2) Speaking of vacations, I LOVE to travel. Ben’s passport picture was taken when he was 3 weeks old. We try to take at least 2 trips a year and it’s our Christmas present between my husband and me. We live pretty hectic lives, like most people, and I treasure the relaxation and family time.
3) When I was a kid, I sucked my lower lip. I still do it everyonce in a while if I’m concentrating really hard.
4) Between my junior and senior year in college I was a nanny for 3 kids in the Hamptons on Long Island. Ever read The Nanny Diaries?
5) The first time I met my husband I kinda blew him off…two years later I asked him out.
6) I’m horrible with names. Half the time I can’t get my own kids names right! J/K but it drives me nuts.

Now I get to tag a few more awesome photographers to join in the game! Check them out!

Three adorable kids

These three were some of the sweetest, most well behaved kids I’ve met. (I’m sure the bribes helped a bit too!)

I love this one of all of them together. They were so cute together, such good friends and of course very silly!

Meet Miss E. Doesn’t she have the most beautiful eyes? And I can’t resist a little backlighting.

And Mr E. I wish I could post every shot, he was such a ham!

and then finally, the youngest. One word…angelic.

and just one more….a favorite

Thanks so much for the wonderful session! Hope you enjoyed your well deserved doughnuts!

A few more of baby B

While I’m posting, I just had to share a few more of this little guy from last week…

Cute, cute, cute!

A sweet little newborn and big sister

This little guy was the sweetest thing. He was 3 weeks old so I warned mom that we may not get a lot of sleepy shots. Boy, did he prove me wrong. Check out how cute this little guy is…I love this pose, he’ll still be sleeping like this at 2!

and his big sister…you have to love those cheeks. Dad owns a landscape design company and this yard was a photographer’s heaven. You’d have to see the whole gallery to really appreciate the talent this dad has but all I can say is my jaw dropped when I drove up.

It was wonderful meeting you! I’ll be in touch with your full gallery!