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Adorable is the first thing that comes to mind when I met this little guy a few days ago. Little B has the most gorgeous eyes and the most beautiful rich brown hair. I can only image what this little guy is going to look like a few years from now. A heart breaker for sure.

all curled up

and a new little hat

It was great seeing you again and meeting little B!!

The S Family

I had the pleasure to meet the S family yesterday as they welcomed a new baby into their family. Meet little M. He’s a little guy at just over 6 lbs and just a sweetheart.

And I call this one “walking on sunshine”

And the other star of the show, Miss M. This little 2 yr old won my heart immediately. She is sooo like my daughter that it’s unreal. Mom S and I joked about all those qualities (determination, a mind of their own, tons of energy) are wonderful and will make them go far as adults, but are just a little more challenging as toddlers. She made me work for a bit but it was so worth it to catch the sparkle in this little girls eyes. Here are a few favorites…

and this one just seemed so fitting for her personality. She’s got places to go and things to do and we’re watching her from behind.

It was great meeting you! I’ll be in touch soon.

Out of Office – again

It just so happened that everything landed in August this year. I will be gone Saturday, Aug 16th – 23rd with limited access to email.

And for the fun stuff…I love the rounded corner look (as you may have noticed) and now offer a variety of collage layouts with this look for something a little different. Here is one option featuring the adorable Miss C.

and one of my favorite things to do is design custom wall galleries to really pull it all together. The options are endless and can fit any space. Here’s a sample using shelves.

Hope everyone enjoys the week!

4 Month Old Sweet E

Most babies take a few minutes to warm up…well, not this little sweetheart. She was all smiles and was quite the diva! I’ve had a string of blue eyed beauties and this little one was no exception.

And blowing bubbles with a new hat…a little big but still so cute!!

And I love this one for a few reasons. First, it was completely unplanned. Mom was just playing with little E while we switched locations. Second, because just as I started shooting, little E gave mom a big old smooch! And lastly, because this gorgeous mom said to me as I was leaving that she wasn’t photogenic….I beg to differ.

ok, just one more…

It was great meeting you today! Give that little cutie a hug from me.

I’m back and 8 month old Miss C

Well, we got back from the reunion yesterday and we had a wonderful time!! The kids loved hanging out with the cousins and we had perfect beach weather. I love Northern MN in the summertime.

I also had the pleasure of meeting this little cutie and her parents today. Isn’t she adorable!? I just loved her outfits and those beautiful eyes.

They live in a beautiful home in Minneapolis, so much character and I just loved the nursery.

And a family shot, done in a little less traditional way. It’s amazing how fast they grow, she’ll be up to their waists and running around in no time at all.

It was great meeting you all today! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek! I’ll be in touch with your gallery.

Out of Office

We’re off for part of the week for a family reunion! I’ll have limited access to email and voicemail but will be checking periodically.

And well, since posts aren’t a lot of fun without images…here’s one more of little J