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The S Family

Meet the S family. They just welcomed this little bundle into the family, 5 day old little J. Have I mentioned I love newborns? It’s such a magical time for families.

Here he is with daddy. He looks so tiny in his father’s hands.

And this one mom wanted. She was on bedrest for a while and Mr S lovingly kept her gardens up for her. Now that’s a good man.

And the other star of the show. Meet big brother S. He’s a great big brother and little J get’s LOTS of kisses.

It was great seeing you again S family! Hope you are getting a little more sleep!

Canvas and Coffee Table books

I’m just packaging up a recent session and thought I’d snap a few quick images of a few popular items.

The coffee table books are just yummy. They are custom designed with most, if not all of your session images. The cover is printed with your favorite image along with a matching dust jacket. With this particular style book, the pages are nice and thick and they lay flat, a feature I love especially images that span multiple pages.

Another favorite, the fine art gallery wrap canvases. They are custom sized to fit your space perfectly and come ready to hang. Great for either a family portrait or you can do what this client did and order a set to make a contemporary wall gallery.

Holiday Dates

Christmas in July? Well, no but Fall is booking up fast so I wanted to post this year’s deadlines for holiday sessions.

All sessions for holidays pictures must be held before November 16th.
All card orders and/or prints needed for Christmas must be finalized and ordered by December 6th.

For those in the Watch Me Grow club that have their next session falling in Oct/Nov, please reserve your date today, especially if you prefer a weekend.


Beautiful Blues

Can you tell these two are related? What I’d do for their eye color, gorgeous!

Just a quick peek! I had fun with you today!

Meet Little E

This had to be the dream session. 7 day old Little E was so cooperative, and so cute I had a very hard time deciding which to post. So here are 4 of many favorites.

The new family…

A tender moment with mom. I love how the light just wraps around them.

A tiny smile…we got some big ones too and a few smirks, did I mention how good he was?

And, who can resist a little hat.

Did I say 4, okay just one more. His little squished face just cracks me up. I just want to pinch those cheeks! (did I just say that? I sound like my grandma)

It was great meeting you D family! I’ll be on touch with your gallery!

Three and a half

It’s been a while since I shared a few of my kiddos (or even taken pictures of my kids – not good!) I took my oldest out for her 3 1/2 year pictures this morning. She’s growing up so fast. She’s lost the toddler look completely and is now a little girl. Here are just a few…

She loves my gardens, which is fun for me too…although when she helps me “weed” I tend to lose some plants as well.

Lashes, compliments of daddy….I love them

And there was no way my youngest was going to let her have all the attention!

and as their mom, this one just made me smile. If one is doing something, the other has to come see. They’re just fascinated by each other…maybe because they’re only 21 months apart. But I’m enjoying these moments, because somehow I doubt these sweet moments will last forever.

Thanks for letting me share!