Monthly Archives: February 2008

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Just a few more

Just finished up this gallery and well, she’s just so cute I can’t help share a few more!! Too many favorites.

Only 6 Days Old

Remember this family from just a few posts down? Well, Little A was born and is absolutely adorable as you can see!! I had so much fun hanging out with their family. Little A was such a trouper and so was her mom, it’s so much fun when clients just get it. What’s a little mess on the floor?

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek…many more to come. Sweet dreams Little A (and mom and dad too I hope!)

T and R

These two are great friends with my daughter. I’ve gotten to know them over the last year and they are such special kids. So sweet and full of life! I had to throw one in of their dog and well that last one, who doesn’t love a hug…

My Little Guy

You’d think being a photographer that I’d take pictures of my kids all the time. Well, not as often as you’d think. This morning, my little guy was in a really cute mood. It wasn’t planned and well ok, so his clothes don’t match, but I just loved his expressions so I thought I’d share! He’s getting so big. Now to get a few of my daughter…is the snow gone yet?? I can’t wait to get back outside!

this last one is just for the parents of toddlers so when I say, “don’t worry, my kids play with my light meter all the time” they believe me. What little kid doesn’t love buttons!

Becoming 4

This was such a fun session!! This family is not only beautiful but so sweet as well. I honestly couldn’t pick just a few to share so some went on the blog and you can check out the website for more. It was so fun to share a small part of this families joy as they turn the page from being a family of 3 to a family of 4. Little T is going to make a great big brother!

Can’t wait to meet the newest addition in a few weeks!

Little L

If this little guy isn’t the gerber baby, I’m not sure who is. I had the pleasure of photographing this little 6 month old a few weeks ago and he was so adorable. He had the cutest rosy cheeks and most beautiful eyes!! Well, you can see them in the blog header and here are a few more of him just for fun.

And the many expressions….